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NYC Chapter Kicks Off Chicago Booth Angels Network

Chicago Booth Angels Network connects domain experts, mentors, and angel investors to help entrepreneurs build successful and fast growing businesses. The New York Chapter’s inaugural meeting was held on Thursday, November 9th in the Rise New York building in the Flatiron District. Rise is funded by Barclays and has become the premier FinTech startup ecosystem.

Having participated in similar events in Chicago, I was looking forward to hearing more about the four start-ups selected to kickoff the new chapter. Those companies included Lancelot, BotPlan, RideHealth, and Commandiv.

These early stage businesses didn’t disappoint. The quality and diversity of the companies were outstanding. The presentations were informative and concise. The presenters were on point and ready to field tough questions. It was clear that potential investors felt it was a good use of time. It was a great start to the latest edition of the Chicago Booth Angels Network.

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