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Transforming a company from “good” to “great” is more than just hard work. Successful transformation requires the right mix of proven talent, best practices, and meticulous execution. Why? Because every day executives are faced with two types of risk:


Type I:  Develop the wrong strategy

Type II: Fail to execute the right strategy


We have helped companies of all sizes and industries reach their objectives. Below is a high-level schematic of our approach; simple, yet difficult to replicate. What differentiates us is our unique ability to drive management through a proven process and deliver tangible results.

Transformation Roadmap


  1.  Goals and Objectives

  2.  Industry and Market Trends

  3.  SWOT and Gap Analysis

  4.  Financial and Strategic Plan

  5.  Valuation Summary

  6.  Transformative Hurdles 

  7.  Expected ROI

Transformation Categories


  1.  Strategic & Financial Planning

  2.  Organizational Design & Effectiveness

  3.  Product Development & Innovation

  4.  Sales, Marketing, & Customer Experience

  5.  Operational Excellence & Lean Six Sigma

  6.  Supply Chain & Vendor Management

  7.  Talent Evaluation & Incentives

Your fear of failure outweighs your desire to succeed.


Companies do not reach their goals for a number of reasons; however, the most common reason is there exists a "can't do" attitude caused by an ineffective organizational structure. We address the issues that sap inspiration and prevent employees from reaching their full potential. Without the right dynamic model, your company will never possess the passion or drive needed to reach your goals and objectives. We help companies become unstoppable through a winning culture.


Your company doesn’t exist to serve itself.


Sometimes priorities get mixed up. Often companies employ inward-facing processes that make life easier for themselves. Companies must re-engineer their processes by starting with the desired customer experience and working backwards through the value chain. Once every decision becomes "how does this add value to the customer?” it is easy to streamline processes and improve overall effectiveness. We help companies understand what matters to their customers and refocus their energy.


What got you here won’t get you there.


Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Today’s market place is fast and efficient, so if you are unable to evolve quickly enough, your company will experience significant market erosion. Change management is one of the most difficult aspects of growing a company. Through clear objectives and concise communications, we ensure everyone understands the company vision and can answer the question, “what’s in it for me?”.


If winning was easy everyone would do it.


Because of the personal investment and subjectivity involved, many business owners struggle to make the tough decisions.  Some are unsure of the right next steps; while others are just looking for confirmation of their gut feel.  More than 15 years ago, James Adams developed the BUL Model to help provide companies a roadmap to quickly overcome all of these challenges. We determine the right combination of strategies and tactics to transform your company and reach your desired outcome.

"Adams & Company brought the skills, experience, and capabilities that helped us scale our business while avoiding the numerous pitfalls"

K. Kobza, Chief Strategist, SparksFly

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