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Our clients, not us, define success. Based on your goals and objectives, we develop a balanced scorecard of KPIs so our impact is indisputable. We design a roadmap to lift EBITDA and create a winning culture where your success is the outcome. Our experience spans a wide spectrum of industries; however, we consider ourselves subject matter experts in the following five sectors:


  1. Supply Chain & Logistics

  2. High Tech & Life Sciences

  3. Manufacturing & Heavy Industry

  4. Government & Defense

  5. Consumer Goods & Packaging


Below is a short list of the more prominent organizations we have consulted to over our careers. We have also included a brief summary of a client we helped become a global market leader.

Aleri was a software firm that developed enterprise-grade complex event processing (CEP) technologies. Aleri’s growth was challenged as clients viewed the company as being too small to handle critical financial applications globally. The primary investor, Allegra Partners, brought Adams & Company in to develop and execute a growth plan that included a market assessment, alignment of the product portfolio, and an evaluation of acquisition targets.


After identifying and negotiating the strategic acquisition of mPact Solutions, an industry leader of currency trading applications, Adams developed the Post-Merger Integration (PMI) plan to ensure cost containment, continuity, and scalability. The new company became a market leader with 9 of the 10 largest global banks as clients. Aleri immediately became an attractive acquisition target, where Sybase acquired Aleri, and SAP acquired Sybase. These consecutive acquisitions led to outstanding returns for investors.

"Adams & Company helped take us from a small business to a $100 million global leader."

A. Hambrook, CEO, Zoral Labs

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